VE Schwab thrills readers again with a brilliant combination of The Secret Garden and Coraline.

A monochrome picture of a brick wall covered in flowers.
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I am a massive fan of VE Schwab. I first got into her writing with The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and have since been trying to get my hands on every book of hers I possibly can.

When I saw that I had the opportunity to read an ARC…

How a French book about a brilliant and terrifying opera house specter became a revered Broadway classic.

The Phantom (a dark haired white man in a suit with a white mask covering half of his face) holds Christine (a curly haired black woman in a white dressing gown) on a candlelit set.
The Phantom and Christine have always had a complicated, strange, and dark relationship. Via The Phantom of the Opera in London’s West End.

I’ll admit, when it comes to this particular piece, I am extraordinarily biased (but then again, aren’t I always in opinion pieces?). I’ve seen Phantom live three times — in Atlanta, Hamburg, and the West End during various travels. Wherever there’s a theater, I’ll try to see Phantom.

The show…

From classic sci-fi horror to practical day-to-day space living, here are some of the fun things I’ve learned about space as a scifi novelist.

A person in a space suit floats beside a solar panel.
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

One of the really fun things about being a scifi novelist is that I get to do tons of research about space. How it looks, how it sounds (or doesn’t), and what happens when things go wrong out there. It’s absolutely fascinating to learn about the vastness that exists outside…

How to leave your personal fictional world and come back to it stronger.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You’ve got a fantastic idea. A whole, sprawling world in your mind tickles your imagination with dreams of intrigue and action, maybe even romance. You can’t think about anything else, so you sit down, and begin to write.

What happens when you stand up?

Novel writing is hard. It’s taking…

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Hello! I’m Cat, author and amateur fandom historian based out of Kansas. I write about literature, theater, gaming, and fandom. Personal work:

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