Advice from the other side of client invoices, receipts, and tears from last year’s filing season.

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There are many wonderful things about freelancing, but taxes aren’t one of them. When I filed mine last year, I was…unpleasant to be around, to say the least.

Freelancers need to take everything into account on their own. There is no external company to send you an all-in-one tax form — you’re on your own. You need to know what you need to know in the first place if you’re going to have any hope of not spending a week having a meltdown during tax season.

Speaking from experience, here’s what you really need to remember when it comes to…

The new, widely-hated beta feature may cause the legal death of the entire site.

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On July 21, 2021, the Tumblr staff announced a new program — Post+ — was entering beta testing. This sparked huge amounts of vitriol and anger from the regular userbase of Tumblr, and has been mocked, criticized, and railed against constantly since.

But why? What’s so wrong with wanting users to be able to support other users directly as they do on so many other sites? Well, the community would like to explain it to you.

What is Post+?

Post+, according to the announcement made by the Tumblr staff on July 21, is a “new tool that allows creators to make some of…

Want to run a campaign but can’t think of a plot? I’ve got you covered

There are tons of pre-made Dungeons and Dragons(D&D) campaigns out there. You could play the classic Curse of Strahd if you’re looking for something in-depth, or — for one-shot lovers — explore one of the brief Candlekeep Mysteries. You could even jump into one of the fantastic unofficial adventures made by the community — DM Dave is a great source for these.

How to tell your story in a way that people will believe — by backing it up properly.

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In my work as a writer, I’m constantly looking for information. I need to know exactly what I’m writing about to deliver a good piece, and obviously, I don’t know everything there is to know, and I’m sure you don’t either.

Luckily, we live in the modern age of the Internet, so all the answers I could ever need are only a few keystrokes away. Unluckily, there’s also a lot of filler on the web that doesn’t actually deliver quality information — I’m looking at you, WebMD.

So, how do you tell the difference between good information and bad information…

Your quick reference guide to getting the most story in the least amount of time.

An open script book with written-in markings and corrections.
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When I was in high school, my drama department participated in yearly one-act show competitions. The concept was simple; take a show and perform it in front of a panel of judges to win trophies for your department.

The catch was that these shows needed to be less than 55 minutes long on the dot or you would be completely disqualified, and even the most simple one-act plays are usually designed to run an hour or longer. On top of that, my drama teacher liked for us to perform full-length plays with recognizable names. …

A no-sales-pitch-added look at what writing on Medium looks like after a year.

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I recently wrote a piece about having been a professional writer for a full year. I touched on my experience with Medium briefly then, but I had only been writing for a few months. I didn’t think it was time yet to weigh in on the platform; I didn’t feel that I had enough of an understanding of it yet.

I recently checked my Medium Partner Program tab and realized that as of this July, I’ve officially been writing on the platform for an entire year. Now it feels more appropriate to write about my experiences.

This Isn’t a Medium Ad

I’m not going to…

Welcome to an RPG with Miis and Twerkeys that’s somehow still amazing

So I saw a new demo on the Nintendo eShop about two months back called Miitopia. An RPG of cute Mii characters that could do magic and fight evil? Sign me up!

I expected to play the demo for maybe half an hour and forget about it. I played it for five hours then bought the game and haven’t put it down.

There’s just something so addicting about the mindlessness of it. It’s fun and it’s goofy and I love that I can just dive into it and not have to plan things out too far in advance.

This game…

Why formulas are fascinating and genius is subjective.

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I’m a huge fan of mysteries. I could easily curl up in a corner with a Christie book for hours and get completely lost in her world of macabre murder and sinister plotting. Doyle’s work blows my mind — how could anyone pick up on details so small, especially when battling not only physical villains but addictions as well?

How do these titans of suspense and detection do it? They stick to a formula and make it work for them. Here’s what happened.

Plotting Your Crime

The first step in putting together your mystery is the crime. It’s the central plot of the…

Accessible ways to get into acting as a beginner.

The view from the stage of an auditorium, looking out at red seats and ornate walls.
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Acting is a difficult profession to get into. Not only is it a competitive field, but most schools, even with excellent arts programs, won’t explain how to break into the industry.

There’s no guaranteed or straightforward way to do it, unfortunately. Most professional auditions require professional credits, for which you need to book professional auditions, which require professional credits, and so on. It’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to find the start of.

Luckily, there are a few good places you can look for those first few credits.

Local Theaters

Local theaters are amazing. They’re usually very small operations that…

A no-nonsense guide to putting together an effective resume.

A graphic depicting block-styled resumes on a blue background.
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Do you know what’s strange? In school, I was never taught how to put together a resume. I knew what they were, sure, but no one sat down with me and showed me the step-by-step for creating this one-page hiring audition.

When I first entered the job market, I was terrified! This is an important life skill — you need a resume to apply to nearly any job, and having the “wrong kind” of resume can mean you miss out on opportunities. How could I make the “right kind” of resume?

Turns out, putting together a resume is relatively simple…

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