I'm so glad to see another Warm Bodies fan piece! I wrote a review of the series some time ago, and I'm still just as in love with it now as I was back then. I feel like most of us dream of being the firey, resiliant Julie, but relate a bit closer to R, with his awkward social fumbles and seemingly impossible obstacles in the way of being valued as truly human. Warm Bodies is a clever, intricate story about life, death, and what happens in the grey areas between them, and it is wildly underappreciated. What a touching piece to read about it! <3

My review: https://medium.com/@catwebling/an-ode-to-r-b6b5026859c3

Hello! I’m Cat, author and amateur fandom historian based out of Georgia. I write about literature, theater, gaming, and fandom. Personal work: catwebling.com.

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